Skin Protection While Driving

The average UK driver spends 4 hours per day, the equivalent of 9 whole days in their car commuting to work each year.1   Most people don\’t realize that the glass in their vehicle protects them from UVB rays only, those that cause sunburn.  Only 10% of side windows provide UVA protection2, the rays that cause aging and skin cancer. Cumulative exposure to UVA is directly linked to skin cancer, premature aging, and even cataracts.

Our installed window film protects from both UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays.

There is a direct link between more time spent driving an vehicle and a higher incidence of right-sided skin cancers.3 Although all types of skin cancer increase with exposure to unprotected skin, particularly common among drivers is a form of melanoma that is caused by cumulative UVA exposure rather than the more common form of melanoma that occurs from intense, intermittent sun exposure.

While conforming to UK tint laws  our nearly invisible to a hint of shade window films provide a broad spectrum of protection.

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3 Assessment of cumulative exposure to UVA through the study of asymmetrical facial skin aging, Clinical Interventions in Aging, Saint-Jacques Hospital, University of Franche-Comté, Sept. 2010

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